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Terms Of service

You must read fully and understand this whole page.

Posting referral links on AutoSurf Traffic Exchange sites is completely forbidden! Anyone caught doing such will be BLOCKED from this website.

Spamming referral links in ANY way is completely forbidden! Anyone caught doing such will be BLOCKED from this website.

You are aware that This Website is not affiliated with any of the companies/organizations mentioned on this site unless stated otherwise.

The services/prizes offered by This Website, are on a first come/first serve basis.

We do not collect/resell any of your personal information, although our advertisers might.

We are not liable for any loss or damages to you, your computer, or anyone you know that has resulted from the use of this site (or any others like it).

If you require any other information, please use the contact page to submit any inquiries.

I. Accounts

A. Membership Responsibilities:

  1. Participants must be over the age of 18 OR be over the age of 13 with parental permission.
  2. You may not grant any other person then yourself access to your account.
  3. We take no responsibility for information used by our advertisers.
  4. You are allowed to only make ONE account per household/address/person.

B. Membership Termination:

  1. If you violate any part of the terms of service, it is grounds for termination.
  2. If you send unsolicited email or spam your referral link your account will be terminated.
  3. We also reserve the right to terminate any account for any reason, if we feel it is required.
  4. All terminations are at our sole discretion.

C. Membership Transfers:

  1. Memberships are not transferable. You may not but not limited to sell or trade your account.

D. Membership Information:

  1. Your membership information may be used in fraud cases, but not limited to; at our sole discretion.

II. Referrals

A. Definition:

  1. An This Website referral is defined as a person electronically using your referral URL/Link and having a cookie set.
  2. Word of mouth does not qualify as a referral, unless the referral link is spoken of and used.

B. Referral Points:

  1. You will receive 1 point from a unique referral who visits your referral link.

C. Referral Integrity:

  1. You may not refer yourself, or anyone that lives in the same household as yourself.
  2. Fraud is constantly checked for, if fraud is detected, the appropriate authorities will be notified.

III. Offers

A. General offers:

  1. Users may not complete an offer they have already completed on any of the This Website sites or on any different site(s).
  2. You must only do offers you are genuinely interested in.
  3. We reserve the right to credit offers at our sole discretion.
  4. To be credited, you must complete the requirements of the offer put forward by the advertiser.
  5. You agree the No Credit Policy is NOT in effect with offers under the Paid Offers and Email Submit Offers sections.
  6. You must submit valid credit card information, on offers that require a credit card.
  7. You must only use a credit card that you own AND have full permission to use.
  8. You must not cancel payment of an offer and also receive 'points', this will result in account termination.
  9. You agree that we are not responsible for for any costs that occur.
  10. You must provide valid information to advertisers, if you don't, that is fraud and your account will be terminated accordingly.

IV. Rewards

A. General Rewards:

  1. You may claim a reward if you have the required amount of points.
  2. You will receive your reward after 10 of your referrals have earned at least 10 points.
  3. Requested Rewards may be rejected by us at our sole discretion.

B. Custom Rewards:

  1. You may request custom rewards.
  2. Custom rewards may bare additional costs for but not limited to shipping.
  3. Custom rewards may not be redeemed as money/cash since points have no money/cash worth to the user.
  4. Custom Rewards may be rejected by us at our sole discretion.

V. General

A. Reserved Rights:

  1. This Website reserves the right to deny any claimed reward without reason.
  2. This Website reserves the right to terminate any account without reason.
  3. This Website reserves the right to change the terms of service on this page at any time without notification.
  4. This Website reserves the right to deny anyone access to any of our services at any time without notification.

B. General:

  1. You hold us (This Website) NOT liable for any loss, damages, costs or harm to you or others in the use of our services.

If any part(s) of the information is not submitted, the user voids their right to be credited. The user may re-submit all the information to be credited.

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